Monday, April 2, 2012

When I Think of Research

Blog Assignment: When I Think of Research

As I conclude my studies of research, I took the time to reflect on the experience by embracing all that I have learned from the professor as well as my classmates. For example, there were terms that I assumed I knew because I often heard them as a child and now an adult, but after taking this course words such as hypothesis, took on a whole new meaning and now I can not only use that word but when I hypothesize, I am truly viewing questions through the lens of a researcher.
Prior to taking this course, I feared research, but now my ideas have changed and I can approach various concerns and not wait for someone else to address a topic or issue, but now I can take the initiative to conduct my own study. I meet a lot of challenges over the course of this term. For example, I was pushed to constantly think outside of the box, take all of my thoughts one step further,  and when writing research topics to make sure that they are written as a hypothesis so that is can be tested and or observed.
My perceptions of an early childhood professional have been modified as a result of this course because I know longer view myself as “just being” an early childhood educator, but I feel  that I am now able to wear an additional hat because I can now effectively conduct research and I know how to accurately convey my findings to my colleagues and families that I work with, in hopes of enlightening others to make a difference in society.