Friday, July 22, 2011

Words of Inspiration and Motivation

Dr. Lillian Katz Advocate of Public Early Childhood Education
An “absorbent learner” is one who holds a strong understanding of the basic tenets of how people (children) grow, change, and are affected by the interactions of others, understand the world, learn, and so forth. The “absorbent learner” listens, discusses, verifies, explains, and uses multiple strategies and styles to come to know but ultimately self-constructs understanding most effectively with the assistance of a “mentor.” -Dr. Lillian Katz

I like this quote because I have learned that being a good communicator is often times just listening and receiving the message the sender is trying to convey without interruption.

Dr. Edward Zigler Advocate of Head Start and former leader of Head Start during President R Nixon’s administration
"Head Start was created with the idea that parents are important and the community in which they exist is important, and they run Head Start” – Dr. Edward Zigler

I like this quote because it left me feeling as if parents and families have more power than they may think when it comes to their childs education, and that they are valued and important stakeholders of the community.

Quotes from Wk 2 Multimedia Presentation

“I just had a built in passion for teaching”- Louis Derman-Sparks
“I think my passion comes from wanting to make a difference”- Raymond Hernandez MS Ed
I selected the quotes written above because they both speak of passion and of the desire these two different advocates have for education and for wanting to make a difference not only in the lives of the children but in the lives of their families as well; this is the same desire and passion that I have. I want to be a voice for the “voiceless” and provide families with the support they need to make sure their child(ren) is one step closer towards attaining “The American Dream”.

Retrieved July 22, 2011
Video Program: “The Passion for Early Childhood” 


  1. Hi, Nicky!

    Dr. Zigler's quote is wonderful. I agree with you, families need to feel empowered, that are also important and valued. Head Start is a great opportunity for families and children.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. If more people, parents included, really understood the purpose of headstart, it would make the program so much more successful. It takes a community to raise a child, one individual can not be solely responsible for the complete well being of children. Each person is one piece of the puzzle that will ultimately shape the future adult we are teaching.