Saturday, February 11, 2012

blog 5 Blog Assignment: Getting to Know Your International Contacts—Part 2

Blog Assignment: Getting to Know Your International Contacts—Part 2

For the sake of this blog assignment, I read and explored I learned so much after exploring this website, but I will only focus on three new ideas/ insights I gained about early childhood systems around the globe.
For example, according to,The mission of the FOI initiative is to produce transformational thinking about how to enhance human potential by supporting the healthy development of young children, with a particular focus on disadvantaged children and families. The work of the FOI initiative is centered on two core priorities: (1) forging cross-sector connections that foster new, innovative interventions and fresh thinking to significantly increase the impact of current early childhood programming and (2) accelerating innovation through a small portfolio of committed “Idea Groups” working in partnership with a cluster of community-based demonstration sites and state policy collaborations to develop, implement, and test new intervention models and innovative policy ideas.   I am happy to hear that there are programs around the world that focuses on the well being of children of early childhood age so that they can have a healthy start at life.

Another insight I gained was in regards to early childhood development and to educate the leadership of key international agencies. If leadership have a better insight of early childhood development, then they can be more objective in the way programs are developed, and carried out.

Finally I learned that a priority has been made to generate and apply new knowledge to address the health and developmental needs of young children in a variety of settings that include various stages of planning, fundraising, and implementation of the following:
As an advocate of early childhood, I am happy to see that countries across the world are doing their part in trying to ensure the overall development and well being of children so that they can grow into productive citizens.



  1. Hi Nickon...Harvard University does have a great early childhood development program research team. I am excited to learn how much potential this field possesses, information is endless.

  2. Hey Nicky,

    Keep up the good work! The time is flying by and we are getting our degrees!! I just wanted to encourage you and to say good job :) Have a great week!