Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog assignment Week 1 Assignment 2

For my blog this week, I thought of someone who demonstrates competent communication within a particular context; I selected my cousin Deanna because she is a doctor of education, minister, and her husband is heavily involved with politics. As a result, she is constantly speaking to diverse groups of people and she has a way of keeping each audience member’s attention by getting to the point and not being long winded but conveying the message she wants her audience to receive in a manner in which they can relate to and apply to various areas of their lives. In addition, she has the ability to listen. I often say listening is a gift, because some people appear to listen to what another is saying, but they miss the message because they are fixated on the verbiage that was used and ultimately miss the message or they are only focused on their thoughts and are unable to hear and receive the message the sender is trying to convey.

I would and try to model some of my own communication behaviors after my cousin Deanna, because I have learned you if you say too much, you lose the audiences attention and they become distracted and begin to think about all of the other many things they need to do; they may be present in body, but their mind is someplace else which defeats the purpose.



  1. Nicky,

    I love that you have someone so close to you that you can watch communicate in a variety of manners. I believe the ability to listen is hard and something I have to work on. I find myself being so preoccupied by what I need to do, that I will only hear a portion of what was said. That is something I need to work on!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Nicky,I think one of the most important techniques in communication is being a good listener. I'm sure your Aunt has a way with keeping the listners attention, being that she's a minister. Minister seem to have that type of effect on you. Great Blog!

  3. Nicky,
    Your cousin Deanna sounds like an excellent role model in many areas, including communication. Some speakers seem to take the long way around to get to a point. I prefer to listen to speakers that get to the point quickly and communicate in a way that captures the audiences attention.

    My grandsons cub pack leader has been known to be long winded, taking an extended amount of time to get to a point. The boys now sing a song at him every time he uses the word announcement. We all laugh, and the communication is shortened. The song goes like this.

    Announcements, Announcements, Announcements.
    A horrible death to die, a horrible death to die.
    A horrible death to be talked to death,
    A horrible death to die.
    Announcements, Announcements, Announcements.

    They are communicating, in their own way, the value of short and to the point communications.

    Mary L.

  4. It is definitely important to engage your audience, or your intended message will not be conveyed. Although it is equally important to choose words carefully, too much time cannot be taken to interact with others or their interest will be lost.


  5. Nicky, I too chose a family member as a great communicator. She is my oldest sister, Minister and excellent orator. She captures the attention of her listeners as she delivers words of wisdom. She is a great person to patten my self after. She and your cousin have a lot in common as being great communicators. Excellent!!