Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blog 8

As I prepare to move on into my specialization, I began to think about how my colleagues have supported me and how I have supported them. My colleagues have provided me with an opportunity to apply more than one perspective when communicating with my colleagues, friends, and family. I have learned to not be so aggressive in my tone when I am upset or challenged. I have learned that body language speaks volumes and that I need to pay closer attention to my gestures when interacting with others. In addition, I have learned of the importance of team work and that each player is just as important as the captain of the group/team.

I have supported my colleagues by sharing personal testimony’s regarding communication and by allowing myself to be approachable. This course has taught me of the importance of listening and I think I did just that and simply listened to my colleagues vent when they need to or to make them laugh or giggle when reading my blogs…I have learned it is important to laugh and smile and I hope my colleagues were able to do that on my blog.

I wish my colleagues continued success in their professional and personal lives/journey’s. I hope they continue to educate and inform the people of their community of the importance of effective communication and to listen to each other oppose to yelling so that children can mirror the positive aspects of communicating and problem solving instead of resorting to ineffective ways to communicate.

I’d also like to thank Mary for reaching out to me to offer additional support in my efforts towards opening up my own child care center and I will definitaly keep in touch.

I hope to "see" many of you in the next class/course.



  1. Nicky, thank you for making the course interesting through your blogs and discussion questions. Good luck in the future...

  2. Nickon,

    I have truly enjoyed reading and responding to your blogs and discussion post! On several occasions we have shared similar experiences or views regarding various topics. Best wishes in all of your future educational endeavors!

  3. Nicky,

    It has been a wonderful experience working with you and our colleagues. We have shown the true meaning of collaboration, although we came from different backgrounds, we have formed a group and a relationship that brought us all together in achieving our goal- finishing this course.
    Thank you for all your postings and response to our discussion and blogs.
    Good luck to your future courses and your new center. Until we meet again.

  4. I agree that we have braoden each other's perspective other the past few months and added valuable insights. I hope to see you too. All the best for the future