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For the sake of this Assignment, I identified local, state, and federal organizations that appealed to me.  I knew before I pursued my Masters Degree, I wanted a job that would not only allow me to take care of my family and be self sufficient, but I wanted a career that was rewarding. As a result, I wanted to work in the field of early childhood. As a single mother, I saw firsthand what I did and did not like in regards to my own sons education and I didn’t want other families to feel slighted due to income, cultural insensitivity, bias, or of a educators loss of love for educating today’s youth.
I knew becoming an early childhood and or elementary teacher was very competitive. As a result, I found that taking the necessary courses required by my state and passing state tests indicated that I am highly qualified which is needed to become a teacher and is one of the first things Human Resources Departments and administrators looks at before hiring you. I also found that having prior hands on experience by working with children, and a certified teacher to be influential in obtaining a job. In addition, I learned that being able to communicate both orally and in a written manor is a prerequisite because you have to communicate with administration, families, colleagues, students, and others on a regular basis in both formal and informal settings. 
 Bergen County Board of Social Services works within the guidelines of Federal and State Statutes to help individuals and families meet their basic needs so that they can have a better quality of life. In addition, Bergen County Board of Social Services collaborates with community resources and services through a networking agency. Through this agency, families are able to gain access to food stamps, child support, child care subsidy, and welfare services. For employment in this area as a social worker, one must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, and a Master’s Degree and a minimum of 2years experience in this field.
 Head Start- is a child development program which was created in 1965 to help put an end to poverty. This program serves economically disadvantaged preschool aged children and also provides services to pregnant women and children from birth to five years of age. Head Start does exactly what its name is, it gives children a “head start” at life by providing them with nutritional meals, and the tools they need so that they are prepared for their next academic level while also educating their mothers on various topics such as health and nutrition care for their young. Head Start is one of the most successful programs created by the Federal Government because it provides children with a safe learning environment, they learn social skills, and are nourished and can have some health concerns address.  In order to qualify for this program, families must meet the Federal Poverty standards which do not reflect the cost of living in New Jersey.  
For a position as a Health Coordinator for Early Head start Programs, one must be a self starter, dedicated and willing to make a difference in the lives of infants, toddlers, and their families. One must be able to administer First Aid and CPR, maintain healthy and safety plans, and train staff.  For this position, one must have a RN BSN Degree, a minimum of 2 years experience, excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, Strong public health and administrative skills; being bilingual is a plus English/Spanish or English/Portuguese.
Even Start Family Literacy is a literacy program that is designed to improve the quality of life of children from birth to seven years of age; this is designed to increase their vocabulary with the hopes of children reading on grade level by age 7. This program also empowers parents to become their child(rens) first teachers, drawing on the home and family unit as the most influential learning environment.  For employment in this area, one must hold a Bachelors Degree, teaching experience preferably in Language Arts, excellent communication skills, and experience working with children from birth to age 10.

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  1. Nicky,

    We definitely need more teachers who have a passion for improving the lives of children. Good luck to you as we finish our program. I hope you get the position you dream of!