Friday, April 26, 2013

Time Well Spent

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Three deeply felt learnings from this program:

As I reflect upon my experience in this course, the three deeply felt learnings that stand out for me is the importance of leadership. For example, I thought I knew what a leader was and what was required of one. However, after taking this course, I have learned more than what I anticipated. For instance, I leaned that a leader will motivate others to share their vision. I also learned that there are many leadership styles and that different situations call for different forms of leadership (Mind Tools, Ltd. 2011).  With that said, I thought intensely about the type of leader I want to be and I concluded that I want to display the characteristics of a democratic leader because under this leadership style, the opinions of others are valued, the team’s voice is heard, and it seems as if the team would have greater job satisfaction because they are valued…hence the team would work harder to see the leaders vision come into fruition.
I also learned the importance of identifying a challenge and conducting research so that I can find out what others are saying about my challenge so that I can see what did and or did not work well for them so that I can modify and adjust my approach as I work towards a solution.
I also learned of the importance of the community. I always knew it was important to get others involved in social change and more specifically in social changes that affect children and their families. However, I didn’t realize how deep I could go in my attempts to seek help. This course has taught me to not limit myself in terms of the assistance I seek but to provide opportunities for all to partake in creating a change.

One long term goal:

My long term goal is to not only create a program that provides families with access to affordable and quality childcare/programs, but I also hope to provide families with access to affordable quality nontraditional childcare by creating a childcare center that allows parents/families that work late nights, over nights, and or weekend to leave their child in a safe and nurturing environment.
My hope is that I continue to motivate others around me so that they share my goals and vision and to work towards social change.  

Farewell Message:

I won’t say good bye to you my classmates nor to Dr. Teri, I will simply say “I’ll see you later” because I am hopeful that our paths will cross again as we take a stand to create social change within our communities and ultimately on a national level.  I would like to thank all of my classmates for an amazing 8 weeks. I have learned so much from each of you and you have all provided me with food for thought.
I would like to thank Dr. Teri for all of her patience and for pushing me to always dig deeper within myself  by not giving up when faced with a challenge and to never settle…to always go to the core of an issue so that I can tap into my investigative skills to create change.

My Favorite Quote:
“All children can and will learn, they just learn differently”  ~Nickon Harris


Mind Tools, Ltd. (2011). Leadership styles: Using the right ones for the situation. Retrieved from



  1. Nicky,
    I hope all of your dreams to provide childcare to families will come true. We have come a long way through this program and I don't think any of us could have done it alone.

  2. Nicky & Ginny ~

    I would have to agree, we couldn't have done this alone. It was through our interactions and encouragement from instructors and peers that kept us working toward our goals. Best wishes to both of you as you move on in your careers!