Sunday, October 9, 2011

Childbirth––In Your Life and Around the World

My birthing experience occurred 13 yrs ago when I gave birth to my handsome son whom I named LT. This event was life changing because I realized I was totally out of control of the way my son was developing while he was in my womb. In fact, the doctors told me that I need to prepare myself to raise a baby with down syndrome …this was because his kidneys were triple the size of what they should have been for this stage in my pregnancy; but I am a spiritual person and my faith was tested but also strengthen. I am proud to say by my 8th month of pregnancy the doctors were in shock, in fact they called three other specialists to come and read the sonogram monitor which indicated my son’s kidney’s were the correct size for his age and that the fetus was healthy and that there were no signs of him having Down syndrome. I chose this event because it was life changing I realized that my life would no longer be my own but about the infant I birthed. I also felt that this was my testimony because there are others who are going through similar obstacles and I knew my faith did not lye in doctors because they only did what they could. Today, my son is healthy and drives me crazy (LOL) and I love every bit of it and him; he is my motivation to continue to strive for excellence!!

My thoughts regarding birth is such…I was sooooo emotionally drained from that experience, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. As a result, I am nervous about having another child but I would welcome should it happen. I love being a mother and I will always remember that jello like feeling when I knew my son was completely in the world.

I selected China as my country of choice and found out that women whom give birth in hospitals but are not encouraged to have epidurals or any pain relief during labor. I also learned that unlike U.S hospitals, many hospitals in China have communal birthing rooms, where women labor and give birth together in a big room.
Most hospitals seem to have communal birthing rooms, where women labor together and you can hear and see everything going on around you.
I found it to be insightful that doctors strongly frown against women using pain killers during labor and is encouraged here in the United States. In fact, I was against using pain killers when I was in labor, but once my contractions started kicking in, I opted for an epidural and my doctors gladly honored my request without hesitation.


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