Sunday, October 16, 2011

When I Think of Child Development

When I Think of Child Development …

When I think of children and their development, I will take with me into my next course that children are resilient little people whom can and will overcome adversity with the support of a nurturing learning environment. I also learned that children’s opinions should be respected and welcomed.

The quote I found is a quote that I live by “All children can and will learn, they just learn differently”. The  second quote is a quote from my administrator  “Children have a PhD in manipulation”… what she means by that is to establish your rituals and routines early on so that child know what is expected of them, if not, they will “run” your class .

As I reflect on the way my colleagues have supported me throughout this course, I immediately began to think of the word growth. I thought of the word growth because I came in with a wealth of  knowledge, but I am humbled by listening and being open minded of the different perspectives of my pears and how I know longer look at various situations through one lens, but I know look at situations through the lens of a educator, parent, teacher and student. I have supported my colleagues throughout this course by showing respect of our differences in opinions while always providing them with “food for thought” so that they can think of various situations from another perspective.

I would like to thank Cari for her insight of birth and how we are both connected because we are mothers, but I value her and her husband’s concerns of the effects of children in single parent homes and also the fact that she gave a positive spin on pregnancy and child birth; I am thinking of having another child and her positive outlook is making my decision much easier. THANK YOU Cari!

I would also like to thank Curtis for giving a strong males perspective on early childhood and the many issues that surround this field. As a teacher and more specifically a kindergarten teacher, I do not see many male figures and it is nice to have a male’s outlook on childbirth, early child education, and how they interact with children; this was a nice change. THANK YOU Curtis!


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  1. Nicky,

    It has been great to have you in my group for 2 classes now! I feel like I got to know you better this class. Your quote about manipulation is so true!! I also think 3 year olds can SMELL weakness and self-doubt :) Kids are amazing. Thanks for writing smart, intelligible discussions and for responding the same way! Maybe I WILL "see" you in the next class. If not, good luck and take care!