Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daily Supports

Daily Supports 

In my opinion, support is to have a person or people encourages you when you need an extra boost of confidence or to physically be there to assist you in performing/completing a task, by simply using their words to uplift you when you need it, or by filling an emotional void.
I need the support of my parents, son, and boyfriend on a regular basis but in different ways. For example, the love I have for my parents and son is unconditional. I am blessed to not only have both of my parents but to still see them happily married after more than 38yrs ; it is that love and support that was modeled to me so when I do get married, I have a union to look up to. Although my parents support me, they support me differently. For instance, my mother is always there to listen to me vent and encourages me to be a self starter, while my father gives me spiritual advice, and will spoil his “little girl” . And my son is my motivator; anything he does indirectly pushes me to do more. My man (I feel at 37 I should not say “boyfriend”) is always there by simply calming me down (even when he doesn’t know I’m all over the place emotional lol), spending more time with me when he know I neeeeeeed it,  and having an encouraging word for me; growing up people would say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!” but I don’t agree with that. I believe words are powerful and can affect ones mood.  Although I love my family, and friends, I have learned that they can be jealous of you but love you at the same time, so I do not reveal a lot of my intimate thoughts with them, but I know that they are there to support me in all of my endeavors.
 I am a single mother of a 13yr old, and although my son cleans his room, but he is still a child and I have to tell him over and over again to take the garbage out and ect… I just got to the point where it’s less stress if I just do it myself. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone to rely on when it comes to physically taking care of my home, managing bills, or daily household tasks such as grocery shopping or consistently helping with cleaning my home, but I am praying that God changes that soon! Although I am verrrrrry independent, life can be easier if you have consistent help living within the same household; it can release some stress.

As of today, I do not have the support of a husband, partially because I am not married. I would love to come home to the same person on a daily basis and share the household responsibilities, but I do not want to argue of it!!! Although, being a single parent is draining it is also rewarding. However, I would love to experience dialogue between myself and my “husband” and discuss paying the bills, cleaning the snow off of my car, or having him run an errand for me….it is the little things that make me happy and I can’t wait to experience “the little things”.



  1. You know I am so glad that we have been blessed with loving and caring people that supports us and are always there for us. I tell you the support that my husband give me is priceless. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. He is my best friend and we can talk, laugh, cry, and smile together. He is a wonderful supporter and wothout his help it would be impossible for me to get all the things that I have to do done.

  2. Dear Nicky,

    I am glad your parents are still together after 38yrs. Although, I wasn't raised in two parent household like you, I wish I had been at times, so my mother wouldn't have work so hard. Being raised in a single parent household had taught me to wait until I am married before I have children. I have seen how hard it came be to raise three children alone. I wish you the best in raising your child as a single parent. I know you can do it because my mom did and she had three children to raise.

  3. Nicky,

    You're absolutely right about that spousal support. When you have the right one in your life nothing else can compare to it. My parents have been together 33 years now and they also served as my martial role models.