Friday, January 6, 2012

Steps to locate two professioanl contacts

Unfortunately I am having a difficult time locating two professional contacts. I have tried all of the alternate web sites and the alternate pod cast and web sites and I dont feel as if I am successful. I did go onto and I subscribed to Sandra Macias del Villar's blog (from Brazil) and Vineeta Gupta (from Asia) but I did not receive any confirmation so I am not sure how successfull my attempt is.
Below are some of the blogs I visited..but again I don't feel confident in this:

On the road with Sandra Macías del Villar (Brazil, November 2011)
On the road with Joseph Bednarek (Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, and Hungary, November 2011)
If anyone else has anytype of success...CAN YOU PLEASE HELP!!
Thank you and good luck with this because I am not having much.



  1. Hi Nicky,

    I did hear back from one person, and I am hoping to hear back from more. I had a lot of problems with wrong email addresses so I just took the name of the organization and Googled it and then went to the staf list or contact us and sent out emails. I also Googled things like Early Childhood Programs UK and when I found contact list I sent an email to the teacher or director. Just ideas you might want to try, Hope it all works out!

  2. I am waiting on responses from some professionalcontacts that I e-mailed. I hope that they will respond soon, if not I will have to use the alternative.

  3. I am still waiting on my two early childhood professionals reply. If they don't respond back, I try some other contacts before I move to the alternatives.

  4. This is definitely a waiting game but I think we have to think outside the box on this. I had overlooked the fact that we have diversity in our center-staff and parents so I plan to talk with them on Monday. Perhaps I'll also give google another try or the social networks. I think people are reluctant to respond because there's so much junk sent through email and maybe they're not sure if we're legit.

  5. Nicky,
    The assignment has been challenging and when I first sent my emails i was sure they would be ignored which is why I sent several. I did get two replies. The advice you have already received is great,may I add that I got my connections through Linkedin you may want to consider creating an account with them.