Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sharing Web Resources

For the sake of this blog assignment, I subscribed to the following newsletter: which is based out of Australia. I selected this newsletter because I buy into their beliefs and their mission statement rings true to my heart; below is the mission statement:

Our mission statement:
Early Childhood Australia will advocate to ensure quality, social justice and equity in all issues relating to the education and care of children from birth to eight years.

I found the core values of Early Childhood Australia and myself mirrors; the following is a list of views Early Childhood Australia and I share:
  • The rights of children
  • Leadership, excellence and respect
  • Courage, honesty and openness
  • Collaboration and diversity
  • Justice
  • Social inclusion of children
As an advocate for children and more specifically early childhood, I believe children and their families should be respected while embarrassing their cultural differences, promote and encourage leadership in our youth so that they can grow into being self starters and work collaboratively with their peers to problem solve and constantly ask the question “why?”.
One focus of this particular group is to provide families with quality care for their children at a low cost. As a single parent, I was fortunate to receive assistance for child day care but I had to be place on a waiting list; fortunately, I did not have to wait that long and partially because funds where available. However, there were families and children that weren’t as fortunate as me. This web site/newsletter touched my heart because one of its goals is to make families aware of child care while allowing families to know that their child is respected and will receive the necessary tools they need so that they are successful as early childhood students.




  1. Hey Nicky,
    Great blog. I looked at this site before I deceided and I was inspired as well. Ont comment, I think you ment embrace not embarrassing cultural differences. Don't you really dislike self correcting text.

    Child care is so important to families. You are leaving your child for many hours each week, you want to feel that the person is caring and treating your child the way you would and that includes culture.

  2. Nicky,
    I look forward to hearing more about this site. Those of us in the field are aware of the need for oversight to make sure all early learning experiences are of high quality.

  3. Sounds like a great resource Nicky. I can't wait to read more and I love that the first thing on the list of core values is "the rights of children." It's amazing how many people still do not acknowledge or respect that children have rights.