Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Assignment: Research Around the World

Blog Assignment: Research Around the World 

After exploring this web site, I learned about SIG or Special Interest Groups whom work collaboratively with delegates and put their heads together to see if they have a common interest and  work together to explore possible theme collaborations.  In addition, after reviewing this web site, I found another piece of noteworthy information, I learned the EECERJ, the Journal of EECERA, is one of the most prestigious early childhood journals in the world, and is one of only four early years journals indexed by the Institute for Scientific Information.  Furthermore, I find it interesting that the EECERA was formed as a way to provide support for colleagues in Europe and in the UK as a way to develop different perspectives on issues of early childhood and families. In addition, I learned that the aims of EECERA is to do the following:
  • to provide a relevant academic forum in Europe for the promotion, development and dissemination of high quality research into early childhood education;
  • to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between European researchers in this field and the wider early childhood community across the World;
  • to encourage the clear articulation and communication of the links between research, practice and policy;
  • to offer interaction, development and support to those interested in early childhood education;
  • to raise the visibility and status of European research in early childhood education throughout the World
As an educator in the United States of America, I have a support system from various organizations i.e., Teacher leadership programs, my union,  whom puts out newsletters and provides educators with information as it pertains to educating our youth and there are even conventions held so that teachers from across my state can take the time and spend two school days to ask questions as it pertains to education and more specifically early childhood education. I was simply blown away that researchers and those in the Early Childhood field have to wait so long for publications/research findings to come out so that they are enlightened about various topics as it pertains to the field of Early Childhood.
One of the current international research topics I found on this web site is the link/article that suggests computer use enhances computer self-esteem,  for children with access to computers both at home and in preschool and the first year of schooling. Technology is something that all children should have access to because it opens up the doors to so many opportunities and if a child develop technological skills at an early age, it will only increase their sense of self esteem, but it will also provide opportunities to make the all have a better quality of life.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog! I love the incorporation of technology in the EC program. I learned a lot of information from your blog! Thanks


  2. I agree with having access to technology both at home and school. So many of my students only use computers at school. This is one reason I try my best to use some form of technology each day. With the high demands of technology in our world, they need to build their own knowledge of it even at this young age. Great Post!

  3. Nicky, you know that is wonderful that the country is focusing on computer awareness. Today's world is so technical and advanced that computer knowledge and skill is so important to be able to keep up and not be left behind. It is iportant that the children are introduced to computers at an early age so that they will be able to advance more.

  4. I agree that computers for children is very important for academic reasons. However, it is very important that when at home parents monitor the things that their children do on the computer.