Saturday, March 10, 2012

Your Personal Research Journey

I want my personal research journey to allow me to identify and focus on a topic which is affects many new parents and families; my research will be on quality care in early childhood.  With that said, I would like to find additional information on day care subsidies, the correlation between income and quality care, and biases between educators and  the community in which they serve.
The simulation process thus far has been a little overwhelming for me because I want to learn from this in a positive way, without being penalized so harshly; my goal is to do well, and learn from this experience so that it can help me in my profession and so that  I can share new information with my kindergarten team at work.
After starting my research, I realized there was so much that I had forgotten that I need to include in my work so that I can give an unbiased view by simply stating the facts in my research.
I would appreciate it if one of my colleagues could suggest how I can clearly state my subtopics in my paper so that it pulls the reader in….Thank you in advance for all of your suggestions!!!!


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful topic! It covers so much and I can see it benefiting so many families! My suggestion would be to find something to start your paper off that they will already know. Like pulling for prior knowledge and outside world experiences. For example, with my paper I began discussing cause and effect relationships. Even providing one simple example like the effect of a failed test and the cause being because not studying. It is from hear I was able to focus on one subtopic and get them connected. I hope this helps!